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If you have burning questions, you have found the right page. If you're lost, read below for directions, we cannot guarantee you'll find what you're looking for.

Are you a human? We thought the answer was yes, the exact answer to your question.

Absolutely 0 (Zero) Calories! Your fitness coach can thank us later.

Everyone is different but we aim for between 1-2 hours per dosing. We recommend to not take Nectr up to 4 hours before bed for all the sensitive types, at least until you know what you are doing.

The original two flavors have 30mg of caffeine in each pouch. A total of 4 pouches to meet the daily serving, simple math says 120mg for a daily serving of Caffeine.

We have a daily serving of 4 pouches, whether you take them in one stroke to all 4 corners of your mouth is your choice, not ours.

We are not doctors, so please refrain from taking any answers seriously without consulting yours. We are not nannies or responsible for your actions. Please do your own research and talk with your doctor about your individual situation.

As soon as the first drop of delectably flavored saliva is detected; from that moment it is about 5 minutes.

Like a stick of gum, the flavor is not indefinite. A good indicator is when the flavor is gone so are all the energy goodies.

Remember how gum takes 7 years to digest? Yeah, Nectr will just blow right through you and end up in the toilet, fishing it out is your own decision.

This is part of the caffeine, flavors(cooling) and your cotton mouth. Take the pouch out of the lip, spit on it (while inside your mouth still), and reposition. If this is too dexterously challenging, take a sip of water instead.

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