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  • Nectr Starter Pucks
  • Nectr Starter Pucks
  • Nectr Starter Pucks
  • Nectr Starter Pucks

Nectr Starter Pucks

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鈿hoose Your Level鈿

Grab Life By the Lips 馃

Can't Decide which Flavor? Or you are new here and want to try them all? Maybe you are indecisive..

Pick your Starter Pack and Pack that Lipper! Your Taste Buds will thank us later!聽

Nectr gets you pucked up with a powerful blend of Cognizin and caffeine, providing a sustained focus boost. So, go ahead, pack a gummer in that lip of yours.聽

鈿o Crash. No Jitters馃毇 Clean Swedish Energy! 馃

Puck Up, Pop a聽pouch and get to it!聽

  • Nutritional information Per 4 Pouches
  • Cognizin Citicolin 250mg
  • Caffeine 120mg
  • Cellulose Powder / water / salt / propylene glycol / sucralose / acesulfame k / natural and artificial flavoring

New to Nectr?

Watch, listen, and learn a little.


Here at Nectr we take pride in our customers. Issues? Flavor Funky? Shipping sucks? Love It? Whatever it is, hit that customer support button and shoot it our way! You won't regret it..

Us Nectr Kooks are always down to make sure you're stoked.

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