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Nectr supplement facts cognizin and caffeine

Supplement Facts

"Short version"

  • Caffeine

    Say hello to your new secret weapon: Nectr.

    Our pouches are the equivalent of an espresso shot, so you can get an instant boost of energy and focus when you need it most.

    Don't settle for anything less than the best.*

  • Cognizin®

    Looking for upgraded brainpower?

    Look no further than Nectr. With Cognizin® Citicoline, the ultimate nootropic ingredient, we're bringing you the purest white powder for mental energy, focus, attention, and recall. Experience the future of brain health today.*

  • Flavors

    Some people say looks are everything, but we say flavor is king.

    After all, why settle for something that looks pretty but tastes terrible?

    When you choose Nectr, you're choosing a delicious energy boost that's sure to satisfy.*



Brain + Energy = Brainergy

Your brain makes up only 2% of your entire body, but it takes about 20% of the body’s energy when at rest.

Cognizin®supports brain energy by providing the brain with potent nutrition to fuel the brain and keep it functioning at its best. Unlike artificial stimulants with their inevitable crash and burn, Cognizin®supplies an important cellular building block essential to healthy brain function.

  • The Center of Attention

    Improved focus can play a big part in your productivity.

    Cognizin®Citicoline supports focus and attention by aiding healthy brain metabolism and protecting neural structures against harmful free radicals. Cognizin®helps the neurons in your brain communicate better so you can stay in the zone instead of zoning out.*

  • Commit to Memory

    Strings around your finger and sticky notes only go so far.

    Healthy brain function is essential to your quality of life. Keep those memories you've made over the years by keeping your brain healthy. Cognizin®Citicoline enhances overall memory, especially episodic memory.*

  • Game on with Cognizin®

    Cognizin®is for the gamer looking to keep their head in the game with laser-sharp reaction times.

    Research has shown both an attention and psychomotor speed increase in adolescent males after 28 days of Cognizin supplementation. Cognizin®Citicoline is "ready player one" when you are.*

Main Ingredients


You like the fine print, don't you?

Other ingredients

Cellulose Powder

All the extra white powder? Yes this is what you are seeing if you attempt to break it into lines (we do not condone such behavior). The Cellulose Powder is the filling agent bonding all the delectable flavors, caffeine, nootropics, and sweetness into one voluptuous pouch. 



Aahhh, the hydrating, refreshing liquid we all know and love, now if it could taste a bit like.. well like Nectr, everyone would drink it. The life sustaining H2O is added in to give some moisture to the white mixture so the powder is not so dry. It is supposed to help with the feeling of Cotton-Mouth or turn your mouth into a desert. 



Love it or hate it, but don't be salty against it. Salt brings in some of the much needed tartness and fill compound to the mixture. We call it the 'Balance of Opposites' Sweet and tart blend together to bring to life Nectr's unique yet flavorful discrete Nootropic Energy pouch. 


Propylene Glycol

Our Swedish Scientists said this is a must, we trust them, with hair like Einstein, who wouldn’t? From the Scientisits “Propylene Glycol is the stabilizer that extends shelf life. Like a nuke without launch codes, this pouch is useless without it. The fresh powder is always just that - fresh and powdery, not clotting and clumping.”



Basically Splenda. Sucralose is a sugar free, calorie-less sweetener used in many drinks, and foods these days. We doubled up on the sweeteners because, again, the Swedes tolds us it would compound the flavor profile. We must admit, they were right. Made from real sugar the flavor is more desirable than other artificial sweeteners and at 600 times sweeter than real sugar its not surprise. We like it because it makes the pouches taste delicious. 


Acesulfame K

Acesulfame K (K = Potassium) is one of the two no-calorie sweeteners used in this delicious morsel. AceK adds the sweetness without the sour for a sugar free high intensity, low quantity ingredient. We like the most ‘Bang for Our Buck”. 


Natural Flavoring

Naturally derived flavoring is the main focus for all of our current and future products. We will continue to evolve in the ingredients we hand select but everyone has a budget - yeah sucks right? Thanks to the natural flavoring Nectr has an unrivaled flavor profile.


Artificial Flavoring

I know what youre thinking “its Artificial?!” well yes, for the time being there is a small amount of artificial flavoring to help give that explosive taste. We are working on some alternatives but since we are running out of money, this will suffice for the time being. Its the last ingredient on the list for a reason, because its the smallest quantity.