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NECTR Subscription Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a subscription?

Here at NECTR we do our best to make everything foolproof and our subscription is no exception. We’ve gone ahead and made it as idiot-proof as possible. For those that need help with the subscription here is a breakdown in layman's terms for you. When adding the item to your cart, select the option to Subscribe & Save, along with your desired delivery frequency. You can also adjust your new subscription settings from within the cart itself during checkout.

To make it easy for you, we’ve added suggested, common frequencies. This will be determined from the size of the product selected and the number of servings it contains to help keep you on track. You get to decide how often you would like to receive your order.

What are the benefits of a subscription?

NECTR subscriptions are automatically processed and shipped per the schedule created by you. No need to remember to reorder when you are down to your last couple of pouches! NECTR will be showing up in your mailbox or front door on the desired date because we know where you live. When you subscribe you get to keep some of that money you have been working so hard for. We respect your grind and want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Take 20% MSRP when you subscribe. If the item is on sale for more than the subscription discount don’t worry we got you. You will receive the item for the cheapest price available at the moment.

Going to be leaving the homestead unattended for some big trip or whatever you have planned? Easy! Login and change the date of delivery!

How do I manage my deliveries?

Take it or leave it, we don’t want to overstay our welcome. Cancel your subscription at any moment. We don’t like contracts or obligations (other than giving you the best tasting and efficacious products we can) so you can leave whenever you stop feeling the love. It's a Win-Win, so sign up already!

If you need to make changes  to the subscription including but not limited to; address, delivery date, payment method, shipping method, or whatever. Login and change it, we don't care. If you are stuck and want our help  reach out to us via nectreens@nectr.energy and we should be able to assist with any request.

How will I know when my subscription order is on its way?

You’ll receive an email with all the deets you need. Make sure our emails aren’t going to your spam or junk folder!

When will I be charged?

We charge your payment method on the date of processing. And no we do not ask for tips like everywhere else you go and swipe your card.

I just remembered that I need to change my delivery. Can I cancel it?

We send out email reminders prior to the order shipping. Please make any changes at that time and don’t forget to set a reminder if you aren’t proactive about changing your subscription once the reminder is sent but if you are religiously using Nectr your brain should be firing on all cylinders...